Monday, March 29, 2010

Out of Our Shell

Hello Folks,
Its been alomst 3 years since we have used this blog, but I think it might make a come back (we shall see). After over a year in hiding we will be playing a show at the Comet Tavern on April 21st with Bronze Fawn, Judgement Day, and Scriptures. We are really excited to be playing live again and eager to share a few of the tunes we managed to squeeze out over the last few months.

We will be getting around to updtaing all of our social networking sites soon, but in the mean time head over to and stream Bears in the Yukon, or for the first time ever, our half of the split with Gifts From Enola (Harmoic Motion - Volume 1).

We miss you all very much and will be seeing you soon...