Friday, July 30, 2010


We woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning after going to bed at 3:00am to fly to Vegas. We arrived in Vegas at 11:00 hoping that Gifts From Enola would be picking us up shortly. Due to a variety of bus problems they weren't able to pick us up until 7:30pm. We ended up meeting some English ladies, Charolette and Suzie, who were also stuck in the airport for many more hours than us. We talked about beans and toast, apple pie, and tried to explain our music (never easy). Gifts finally showed up and we piled onto the bus and headed straight for the venue. Yayo Taco was located in a strip mall and didn't scream venue, but it turned out to be a great show and tons of kids showed up. It was good to see Gifts again and Caravels was amazing! There were even kids dancing at the show (never happens in Seattle). We went over to Corey's house and got to swim in his swimming pool until 4 am. Solid dudes and good show, but sooooo hot.

Slept in a little and tried to find some veggie oil, but no luck because we were running short on time. We are going to challenge Bill to eat 12 tacos next time we go to Del Taco, as he only eats tacos by the half dozens. The drive from Vegas to LA, was hell. So hot and we over heated twice. We arrive in LA at the Pehr Space a little after we were supposed to and embraced our Sheath brethren. The guy at Pehr even bought us some slices because the microwave kept tripping the breaker when Gifts was making cup o noodles. There were a ton of people at the show and a lot of good friends and family. The show was awesome except Nate breaking the E string on his bass (what a beast!) Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!

Here are a few pics from the past two days...

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