Monday, August 2, 2010


After splitting up for the night I met back up with the GFE & YMD boys at Jeff’s House from BoS for some BBQ lunch, beers, and haircuts. Mike and I both got a haircut courtesy of Mr. Brian Woods. We had a good time catching up with the BoS boys and Brian from Signal Hill. On the way back to the bus before we left for Goleta I found a Boy Scout Handbook in the bushes and found out that both Jud and Nate were Eagle Scouts just like me. CJ says he is going to use the book to learn how to tie some knots… So far, no knots...

The drive to the Santa Barbara area was cold and full of traffic. The venue held up to its name and was truly hard to find. We got a late start and we all felt like crap after yet another burrito. The Victor Ship opened the show and rocked it hard. We played second and only played 4 songs because we were running short on time. Both GFE and BoS also only played 4 songs and they both rocked hard. GFE had some dancing (yeah, that kind) during their set and got a good response. BoS headlined and rocked us hard with their new song and it also happened to be Tad’s birthday!

The night ended with the eight of us trying to find a hotel room in Goleta. After driving to two motels and calling four others we learned that there were not any rooms available in the town. We decided to drive the bus to a Costco parking lot and cram on the bus for the night. I actually think we all got some decent sleep on the bus, even though it was pretty cozy. Oh and we also learned about Scott Stapp doing a hilarious song for the Florida Marlins. Check it out on youtube and you will laugh for hours. Another day of tour gone by L

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